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El gerente de comunicaciones y redes sociales, junto con el equipo de Comunicaciones y Marketing, son responsables de garantizar que todas las plataformas de redes sociales de UT Permian Basin cumplan con los estándares editoriales y gráficos de la universidad.

Líneas directrices

No se pueden crear páginas de redes sociales que lleven el nombre de UTPB sin la aprobación del administrador de redes sociales de la universidad. Todas las cuentas de redes sociales departamentales se consideran propiedad de la universidad.

Al crear una página de redes sociales con el nombre de UT Permian Basin, el administrador de redes sociales de la universidad debe recibir todas las contraseñas y credenciales de edición necesarias.

El gerente de redes sociales, en coordinación con el Director Ejecutivo de Comunicaciones y Marketing, es responsable de garantizar que las páginas de redes sociales de UTPB estén dentro de los límites de los estándares editoriales y visuales de UTPB. 

Política de los medios sociales

These guidelines are intended to serve as a basic outline for how to best use social media channels representing the University, but should not be viewed as a comprehensive list of policies. Ask your supervisor for further guidance, follow all local, state, and federal laws, and comply with other University policies. Communications and Marketing (Communications) is responsible for the enforcement of this policy. The University has the right to amend this policy at any time. 
Social media is official University communication. Social media sites at the University should be marked “official” in some way, where appropriate (for example, in a Twitter bio or a Facebook “about” section). Each academic or administrative unit at the University should evaluate what, if any, social media technologies are appropriate for their communication needs. When using social media on behalf of the University, do so with thought and purpose. Pregunte lo siguiente antes de crear cualquier red social cuenta:  

  • ¿El uso de las redes sociales apoyará un objetivo claro que sea coherente con las metas y la misión de esta unidad? 
  • Is there sufficient time to devote to manage the social media account? Consistent and timely posts with original content are necessary to the success of a social media account. Does the social media manager have time to keep content current, respond to comments, and develop original, engaging content? 
  • ¿El administrador de redes sociales está bien versado en la red de redes sociales? 
  • Is the social media manager familiar with UT Permian Basin media standards, logo usage, and the University’s acceptable use policy?  

Políticas obligatorias para Cuenca del Pérmico de UT Redes Sociales  

1. Las cuentas oficiales de Facebook, Twitter e Instagram de Permian Basin de la Universidad de Texas 
The University’s official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts will be managed by Communications, who uses social media to supplement traditional media relations and marketing efforts. 

2. Configuración de cuentas de redes sociales 
Before setting up any social media account to use for official purposes of the University: 

  • Step 1: Obtain permission and guidance from your dean or department head. 
  • Step 2: Fill out the Formulario de registro y acuerdo de UT Permian Basin Social Media
  • Step 3: Communications will respond to your request within 7 days. 
  • Step 4: If approved, you will receive information about securing a UTPB vanity email. Personal email accounts are not allowed when setting up University accounts (ex: 

3. Nombrar cuentas de redes sociales 
El nombre del título en la cuenta de redes sociales debe asociarse con UTPB. Mantenga la coherencia con los nombres de las redes sociales en todas las cuentas cuando sea posible.  
  • Academic units
    • Upon approval, Communications will recommend the appropriate name/handle for social media accounts.
  • Organizaciones estudiantiles: 
    • Before naming your page, the organization must establish whether they are a University sponsored student organization or registered student organization.  
      1. University Sponsored Student Organizations: Student Organizations sponsored by UTPB should indicate affiliation with the University and name their social media accounts without “at” in their title. (ex: @utpbstudentsenate) 
      2. Registered Student Organizations: Registered Student Organizations at UTPB may indicate that they are located at the University by including “at UTPB” (ex: American Association of Drilling Engineers at UTPB @aaed_at_utpb)  
  • Se pueden usar abreviaturas en los nombres de usuario, pero el nombre completo escrito debe aparecer claramente en la página (por ejemplo: FYE en UTPB - El programa de experiencia del primer año en UTPB).

4. Responsabilidad del administrador 
Communiations must have administrator access to Facebook accounts and username and password information for all other social accounts involving academic and administrative units and University sponsored student organizations. Communications is not responsible for maintaining your page. If needed, they will offer support and guidance to you in order to maintain a consistent brand across all platforms. Private groups used for official University communication are prohibited. Official UTPB accounts are subject to review and evaluation by Communications. Accounts that do not produce sufficient, regular content are subject to revocation.  

5. Moderación de comentarios y publicaciones de Facebook e Instagram 

  1. The purpose of the UT Permian Basin social media channel is to share news, alerts, Falcon pride, and more to our students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, neighbors, and the West Texas region. Visitors may share input through direct messages or comments. Comments must be directly related to the topic of the post. The UT Permian Basin social media team may review and remove comments based on the following criteria.  
  2. Los comentarios que cometan lo siguiente pueden estar sujetos a eliminación: 
    1. Comments that are not directly related to the topic of the post 
    2. Compromise the safety or security of UT Permian Basin community members, the public, or public entities 
    3. Contain harassing content that is severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive 
    4. Present a grave and imminent threat 
    5. Incite imminent lawless action 
    6. Contain true threats 
    7. Are fraudulent 
    8. Difamar 
    9. Violate intellectual property rights 
    10. Promote a business or commercial transaction 
    11. Promote a candidate campaigning for election 
  3. The UT Permian Basin social media team may remove “spam” comments generated, or that appear to have been generated, by automated software. 
  4. Los comentarios también están sujetos a Políticas y estándares de Facebook, which the UT Permian Basin social media team does not control. 
  5. UT Permian Basin is not responsible for comments placed on its Facebook or Instagram page by others. Visitors are personally responsible for their own comments, username and any information placed on this page by the visitor. 
  6. Bottom line: We ask that the Falcon community act with the tact and open-mindedness for which it is known.  

6. Buscadores de ayudas existentes:cumplimiento wcon todas las políticas de la universidad 
Communications on social media sites for University purposes must comply with all applicable federal and state laws and University policies. 
7. Representación de UT Permian Basin 
Posting on behalf of the University as an academic or administrative unit or University sponsored organization is not a right; it can be rescinded at any time. Be responsible for your posts and remember, what you post is a reflection on the University and you.  

8. Interacción con los medios 
Social media may generate interest from the press (print, radio, television, online). If you are contacted in any way by a member of the media about a University-related posting, you are required to immediately contact Communications before responding. 

9. Proteger Propietario y privado Información 
Do not violate intellectual property rights of the University or any third parties, or disclose confidential or private information of the University, students or third parties. 

10. Publicidad de terceros 
UTPB-associated social media sites cannot host advertising. On third-party social media platforms, if ads can be turned off on University pages, they must be. Do not endorse other brands, businesses or products without appropriate approval. 

11. Cuentas personales de redes sociales 
Employees are encouraged to share University news and events that are a matter of public record. It is strongly advised to link straight to the information source as the most effective way to pass along news on personal sites and to avoid issues with copyright infringement. University employees are personally responsible for the content they publish on their own social media sites and the sites of others. 

  1. Do not use personal social media accounts to communicate on behalf of the University by responding to comments, reviews, etc., made by the public on official University social media accounts. Only Administrators and approved editors have the authority to speak on behalf of UTPB. (ex. If someone leaves a poor Facebook review, do not reply on UTPB’s behalf. If you believe action needs to be taken, alert the Communications team); 
  2. No use el logotipo o nombre de la Universidad para promocionar o respaldar ningún producto, causa o partido político o candidato; y 
  3. Deje en claro que está hablando por sí mismo y no en nombre de la Universidad. Puede ser apropiado un descargo de responsabilidad, como "Las opiniones expresadas en este [blog; sitio web] son ​​mías y no reflejan las opiniones de mi empleador".  

Mejores Prácticas  

  • Sharing content from other University social media accounts is encouraged; however, a majority of content should be original.  
  • It is important to limit the number of administrators and publishers for social media accounts and to have rules in place for managing login credentials. Do not share your social media passwords. 
  • Make the biggest impact across all social media accounts by using our most-used hashtags: #UTPB, #UTPBFalcons, #FalconsUp, #WeAreFalcons, #FalconProud 
  • Not all social media platforms will best accomplish the goals of the academic or administrative unit or student organization; therefore, Communications may suggest appropriate alternative platforms. For example, a podcast may be best achieved through Anchor vs. Apple Podcast.  

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